Sam H – Modesto, CA

I very much dislike any such reviews and find it insulting when car dealers beg for 100% customer satisfaction.  There are many other examples  I could use to  complain about our movement on customer satisfaction feedback.  However, given this introduction, I find myself very motivated to offer a review for the first time in my life that speaks to the exceptionally positive experience I have had with Honey’s Air Conditioner.  From the initial phone call, to same day assessment with complete product review and next day installation.  I was very impressed with the total experience and the end product.  The initial phone contact  (7/22) with a lady whose name I did not write down, to the assessment  (7/22 at 11:00) by a very pleasant informed individual whose name I did not write down  followed by the exceptional installation completed by Wayne and Steve.
I thank Honey’s for their quick professional and competent response to my needs.
They get an A plus.
I expect to be contacting them for another property and will spread the word to colleagues and associates  on their excellence.

Sam in Modesto