Lillian E. – Modesto, CA

My experience with Honeys Air was GREAT! Anthony was sent to conduct my maintenance on my furnace and I found him to be so patient, professional, courteous and kind. He had found multiple issues so I had asked him to return with quotes on a new furnace. When he returned, he was prepared and had answers to all of my questions and concerns.
Anthony was also present on the day on installation and was able to introduce the installers, Josh and Jorge. Josh and Jorge were also GREAT!! They were courteous, meticulous, professional and efficient. They laid cloth covers on the steps and wherever they were working and cleaned up all the debri. Josh also did a wonderful job on the furnace installation and the attic entrance (it is definitely better than what it was, as he promised…lol).
Overall, I cannot say enough on the quality of service I received with Honeys Air.
I would definitely recommend them to all my family and friends because they do care about their service and their customers.
Thank you Anthony, Josh and Jorge for providing OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!