Honey’s Preferred Service Maintenance Agreement

At Honey’s Air & Solar we offer home owners a Preferred Service Maintenance Agreement.

What is Honey’s Preferred Service?

It is a monthly service agreement targeted towards keeping your system at its peak performance during extreme
weather conditions. We will do preventative maintenance and provide fast response for any of your service needs.

How often?

We recommend having your system maintained twice a year at the start of each season. Routine preventative
maintenance is the best way to avoid system failure in severe weather conditions. Included in our service agreement
is a visit from our experienced technician twice a year pre-season.

What is the difference between regular one time tune-ups and Honey’s Preferred Service?

  • We offer free service calls to our Honey Preferred customers
  • Priority service with no additional charge for Saturdays
  • Same day service
  • Automatically receive 20% off any repairs if your system were to fail
  • Also 10% off final cost of a new system installation if needed
  • Lifetime warranty on standard thermostat

What can you expect when we come out?

Spring AC Visit:

  • Clean the outdoor coil
  • Check the 24 volt contractor
  • Check refrigerant levels (1lb of refrigerant is included)
  • Check air temps in and out
  • Check indoor coil with a camera
  • Clean or change a standard filter (if applicable)
  • Wax & polish unit
  • Hand vacuum return air grill

Fall Furnace Visit:

  • Check inside blower and clean if needed
  • Check burners for proper burn
  • Clear burner orifices of spiders
  • Check for cracks in the heat exchanger with our special technology
  • Check for carbon monoxide
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Check airflow
  • Check gas pressure
  • Clean or change a standard filter (if applicable)
  • Hand vacuum return air grill

*Preventative maintenance is done by our certified and trained heating and cooling technicians. Service time averages one to two hours. Maintenance can improve the performance of your system, extend its life, keep your monthly utility costs down, and maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.*