How Does Solar Work – Modesto, CA

Choosing solar allows you to reduce your energy cost. Solar also allows you to lower your dependence on fossil fuels. So, what is solar and how does it work?

Solar energy is a renewable resource that uses the sun’s rays to generate electricity for your home. Solar-energy systems use solar modules, made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells to collect the sun’s energy, then converting it to energy. The energy produced from the solar-energy systems can be used to power your appliances, lights and electrical devices.

Two Types of Solar Systems

If you are interested in installing a solar system, you have two options to choose from: Grid-Tied PV System and Stand-Alone PV System.

Grid-Tied PV Systems

A Grid-tied PV System is the least expensive of the two solar options and it also happens to be the most common. This solar system allows you to save energy and reduce the cost of your electricity bill.  A benefit of a grid-tied system is left over power is fed back through the system which is known as net-metering. With net-metering, you have the ability to spin your meter backwards! Honey’s Air wants to note that rebates and incentives associated with solar systems usually aren’t available  unless you get a Grid-Tied System.

Stand-Alone PV Systems

Stand-Alone systems function independently from the utility grid. This makes it the sole provider of electricity to your home making this type of solar system much more expensive than a grid-tied system.