Solar: A New Way of Living

Imagine operating one’s heating and cooling units for a fraction of the current operating costs. Well, that is exactly what occurs when resident and business customers arrange for a solar installation. Interested in learning more? Contact Honey’s Air & Solar to schedule a solar installation visit today.

Solar: The Future of Energy 

Governments all over the world recognize the need to find clean, alternative energy sources that do not deplete the earth’s natural resources. Although plenty of research and development dollars have gone into alternative energy research, photovoltaic energy remains one of the most popular clean energy options available for use by the general public. One of the reasons for photovoltaic energy’s popularity is its abundance. The sun rises every morning and with it comes the possibility to capture significant amounts of the energy it produces. In this way, photovoltaic energy is one of the most sustainable sources of energy found everywhere on earth. The sun’s energy produced every day is not just an inexpensive source of energy, but it is completely free! Other energy sources like oil and coal produce chemical by-products when used, but photovoltaic energy is captured and used in a clean manner. When photovoltaic energy is used in the residential and commercial environment, there is no opportunity for hazardous accidents like an oil spill, a coal mine collapse, or a nuclear plant meltdown. By supporting the use of photovoltaic energy through monetary investment in a photovoltaic energy system, one encourages businesses to market energy solutions that are safe, clean, and reliable.

Solar Panels: How Can They Benefit You?

Having a photovoltaic energy system installed in one’s home or business is great for the environment and ultimately for one’s budget. Photovoltaic solar panels that are a part of an integrated solar energy system allows home and business owners a certain level of energy independence. Surging population growth often puts a strain on the power company’s supply of electricity. This shortage of supply not only drives up the rates charged by electric companies to their customers, but it sometimes causes temporary blackouts in service. Although temporary and mostly rare, cessation of electric service is a major inconvenience for most modern households. Possessing a solar power energy system allows consumers to produce their own household energy utilizing existing electrical infrastructure. Many people living in sunny locales have even more reason to contact an experienced company for solar installation support. When people produce more electricity than they use from their collected photovoltaic energy, they often have the opportunity to sell the surplus energy to the power company for an energy credit or money. This benefit is called net metering, and it is available in Modesto and most other areas to varying degrees based upon local regulations and agreements with power companies.

Starting A Solar Life

There is no doubt that solar power systems are viable alternative energy systems that are here to stay. Even though most home owners consider the initial investment in these systems as expensive, most systems pay for themselves within ten years. Additionally, new photovoltaic energy system owners are usually rewarded for their great environmental choice with federal, state, or local tax credits.

Start a new solar life and contact Honey’s Air, your local solar installer for more information on how solar can benefit your home.