What Really Matters: Energy vs. Efficiency

Honey’s Air & Solar is the leading solar installer in Modesto, CA contact us to schedule a consultation. When making a decision on what solar panels to install, make sure you understand the difference between energy and efficiency.

Energy yield, not efficiency alone, is what matters. When designing a module, it is important to consider the placement and spacing of the solar cells to each other and to the frame. If the cells are crowded together and up against the frame, you are reducing the overall energy output of the module.

Other Mounting Solutions:

Solar Panels - Mounting can cause shaddowing

Honey’s Air & Solar Mounting Solutions:

Solarworld solar panels aviod shadowing issues

More Benefits of Our Solar Module Spacing

Dirt and debris can build up along the frame of the module. The build up can shade the outer cells if they are placed too close to the frame. This can reduce the overall output of a solar panel and affect the solar systems overall performance.

Solarworld Solar Panel