Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance – Does My System Need a Tune up?

Are you trying to save money on your AC bill? Most Modesto, CA residents are.  An air conditioner tune up can help prevent your air conditioning system from going out in the middle of a hot summer.

The service advisors at Honey’s Air & Solar complete a detailed checklist for every tune up we service. Below is a brief outline of what our tune ups include:

Spring AC Tune up in Modesto:

  • Clean the outdoor coil
  • Check the 24 volt contractor
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Check air temps in and out
  • Check indoor coil with a camera
  • Clean or change a standard filter (if applicable)
  • Wax and polish unit
  • Hand vacuum return air grill

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*Preventative maintenance is done by our certified and trained heating and cooling technicians. Service time averages one to two hours. Maintenance can improve the performance of your system, extend its life, keep your monthly utility costs down, and maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.*