Blowing Insulation

Blowing insulation is a one way to save money on your energy bills. At Honey’s Air & Solar we are all for saving our customers money, therefore we consider ourselves insulation experts!

Blowing Insulation Basics

Blowing insulation requires a special machine to break apart the insulation, which is then blown out a hose attached to the machine. Our experts use the hose to guide the now broken down insulation throughout the attic. Once the proper desired insulation level is reached, we move onto the next section of the attic.

Common DIY Mistakes

  • Not sealing attic for air leaks.
  • Stepping through the ceiling.
  • Failing to get the insulation out to the edges.

Avoid the common mistakes individuals make when trying to insulate their attic on their own. Call the professionals at Honey’s Air & Solar today to learn more about adding insulation to your attic.