Modesto Air Conditioning Installation

Trust the Modesto Air Conditioning Installation specialist  Honey’s Air & Solar with the installation of your new air conditioner. Whether you are installing an air conditioner in your home for the first time or you are replacing an outdated model with a newer, more energy efficient model, here are some factors to consider to ensure you get the best results possible out of your new AC unit.

Professional AC Install in Modesto, CA

Trust a Professional AC install company in Modesto, CA to install your new AC unit. Air conditioning installation is not a Do-It-Yourself project. You should call a professional air conditioning company with certified technicians to install your new system. During the installation process, an old system will be removed if needed, then the new system is installed. Existing ducts are reviewed to ensure they are not in need of repair. If new ducts are needed, these can be installed during the AC installation process.

Call Honey’s Air & Solar, the best air conditioning installation company in Modesto, CA. Honey’s Air & Solar assist homeowners in selecting the right system for your space and your budget. Call Honey’s Air & Solar Today at (209) 523-2345 to have a new air conditioner installed today!

The Right System

If a homeowner needs an AC replaced or a new air conditioning installed, you want to ensure that your install is the right size. Air Conditioning units are designed on the square footage it needs to cool. In order to determine which system is right for your home, we measure your space and calculate the correct square footage.