Air Conditioning Service

Honey’s Air & Solar provides reliable, cost-effective air conditioning service in Modesto, CA. Our customer service oriented business has been providing homes and businesses with efficient, clean air conditioning for years. Honey’s Air & Solar offers trustworthy air conditioning maintenance, repair and installation.

Modesto Air Conditioning Maintenance β€“ Easy & Effective

The most cost-effective way for you to keep your home or business cool is to establish an air conditioning maintenance plan an expert. A good maintenance plan ensures that your unit will deliver when it is needed most. It’s a good idea to schedule your maintenance each spring before the heat wave and in the fall before the cold arrives. Call Honey’s Air & Solar today to start your maintenance program so that you can enjoy uninterrupted air conditioning comfort.

Air Conditioning Service Repairs – More Efficient

When it dealing with air conditioning repairs, there are major and minor repairs that may need to be done to your air conditioning unit. One of the typical major repairs is replacement of the compressor. A minor repair that most homeowners can do, deals with regularly changing the AC filter.

If you think your energy bills are too high, it may be time to call Honey’s Air & Solar to inspect your air conditioning unit. Honey’s Air & Solar will have your air conditioning unit running at maximum efficiency to bring down your energy bills and up the cool factor in your home or business.

Air Conditioning Installation β€“ New & Improved

Honey’s Air & Solar has been serving homes and businesses with new air conditioning installation for years. We can assist you with your air conditioning installation needs. If you are starting from scratch and getting your whole system installed, we can help. When you need advice from true air conditioning service experts, you know who to call!

Air Conditioner Tune up – Lasting Performance

It is a good idea to schedule an air conditioner tune up before the summer heat arrives.  After the tune up, our comfort advisor will offer information and advice on measures you can take to keep the equipment running smoothly.